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The Parleh Media Group is a digital media, content production and events company specializing in content for sports fans. Founded in 2021 by six Canadian digital media innovators, the company owns sports and betting brands that engage fans across social platforms, websites and live events. The mix of sports and entertainment content empowers sports fans  with easy-to-understand, entertaining, informative and insightful content.

Fan-first sports betting content

Welcome to The Parleh, our mission is to help sports fans level up their knowledge about sports betting. Learn to enjoy sports in a whole new way as we simplify the language and the strategies behind sports wagering.

Accessible and authentic

Moneyline. Underdog. Parlay. Sports betting content is full of jargon and inside knowledge that makes it hard to understand what's happening and hard to be helpful. We use plain language so people can become educated and more confident at sports betting.

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